Example of a Landing Page for a Nonprofit

Creating a landing page using the 5 core components of highly-effective landing pages

full screenshot of the landing page for "Special Needs in My City" mentioned in the post

What is a Landing Page? How is it different than a Static Site?

Purpose of the Website:

  • Get users to donate
  • Get users to sign up for newsletter
  • Get users to volunteer
  • Inform user of what the organization does
  • House calendar of events
  • Show user useful links
  • Provide contact info

Purpose of the Landing Page:

  • Get users to donate

As you can see, websites are fantastic at doing many things; however, if our main goal is to get users to donate money to the organization, the last thing we want to do is take the user’s focus away from the donation page!

Users are busy and they have a lot of things competing for their attention. If we have a goal of getting users to donate to our organization, we want to bring them to a place where their only focus is to donate to our organization.

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Why Use a Landing Page

It is a well-known fact in Marketing that when people don’t do an action immediately, they are much less likely to do it later.

If users visit our page and don’t donate within that session, it is a pretty low chance that they will organically choose to return and donate in the future.

Because of this, a Landing Page is stripped down to only a call-to-action and supporting copy. Notice that even the navigation has been stripped away! The last thing we want is for the user to leave our donation page without donating.

What are the 5 main components of a Great Landing Page

Some of the core elements included in most effective landing pages are:

  • A Unique Selling Proposition
  • A Hero image or video
  • Benefits to the User
  • Social Proof
  • The Call to Action


Screenshot of section of the mentioned landing page with the USP circled

The USP should answer two questions: Why should the user buy from you? Why should the user buy from you as opposed to your competitors (what makes you unique)?

The copy for the USP in this example was pulled directly from the SNIMC website. The main and first thing users see is what the nonprofit is “selling” which is unique. Usually with companies that are not nonprofits, you would want language that distinguishes you from competitors (“best customer service”, “only underground basket weaver that is left-handed”), but as we are talking about a charity here, the USP is pretty closely related to the mission statement.

Hero Image

Two men, one with special needs, smiling at one another

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screenshot of features section of the landing page with a cta button, and three boxes, one for each benefit that the company offers

“that lemonade you’re peddling may be ice cold, but it’s the fact that it keeps you cool on a hot day that’s a benefit.”

-Unknown Unbounce Author

For my landing page example, I once again chose to pull copy directly from the source at the SNIMC website. The mentioned benefits here are staying informed, supported and connected.

Social Proof

screenshot of social proof section of the landing page

Call To Action

Need help with a Landing Page? Want to build a a website that converts more clients? We’d love to work with you!

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