Rafael Silva is a Brazilian Web Developer based in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY.

Hi, my name is Rafa and I like making stuff. My current focus has been on creating websites for therapists in private practice – helping counselors help others by making accessible, responsive, and user-centered websites that convert prospective clients into supported clients.

After a long time in the Hospitality industry I shifted my customer service orientation to the internet and began the journey into learning web development. While working as a Chess private tutor my company needed a Python teacher. I loved learning the coding language both for teaching and through teaching it.

To reach a wider audience with my work I focused then on learning HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (including Node, Express, and React) with the intention of being able to create projects and have them hosted online. More recently I have been working with WordPress FSE/Block Editor to streamline the process from beginning to deployment and to be able to focus more on web design, UI/UX, and the content of the websites I built.

When not behind the keyboard, I like to make stuff with my hands through woodworking, playing online chess, and going on adventures with my wife and daughter.